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What is Mindcode?

Mindcode enables you to train and reprogram your mind to change negative behavior and improve yourself to become a better you. Studies have shown that 95% of our day we’re on autopilot where our subconscious mind is in charge. During this time our goals are not the mind’s primary focus. By training and reprogramming the mind we can improve our autopilot to accomplish more and to live a more content and happier life.

Mindcode consists of a variety of sessions aimed for different needs; ranging from mental health and well-being to success in business and productivity improvements. Studies have shown that it is as most effective to alter the mind when we’re about to fall asleep, which is the recommended time to play a Mindcode session. Each session begins with a mindful introduction to the specific topic of the session, followed by relaxation through meditation. In a relaxed state, the training and reprogramming of the mind begin with powerful and positive codes (similar to affirmations or mantras), that are carefully selected for the purpose of each session.

The ever-growing list of sessions includes boost your self-esteem, be more productive, calm anxiety, accelerate in business, find happiness, and much more.

The Mindcode app is free to download on App Store and Google Play. To get unlimited access to all content, Mindcode offers a monthly and a yearly subscription, as well as a one-time purchase for lifetime access.