Start a session when you go to bed and let it play while you fall asleep.


Sessions begin with a mindful introduction and continue with sleep meditation.


Reprogram your mind through codes, that are carefully selected for each session.

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A wide selection of sessions

Select one of many sessions aimed for your needs; ranging from mental health and well-being to business and productivity


productivity to leadership

With our work related sessions you can reprogram your mind to improve your productivity and efficiency, ease your path as an entrepreneur as well as be more confident in your leadership skills.

mental well-being

calm and


Do you want to get a higher self-esteem, build up your confident, or why not pursue true happiness by reprogramming your mind? This is the goal with our mental health oriented packs.


improve relationships

All relationships can be improved, whether it is connections to our friends, family or loved ones. By reprogramming the mind we rewire our mind to be more honest in our social relationships.


perform and accelerate

By rewiring the subconscious mind we can train our mind to be more focused and more energised, at times when it really matters. Up your game and perform on a new level with our sport related sessions.

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