Reprogram the mind

Change negative behaviors

It’s easy to feel lost or off-track in life. Whether it’s a result of life-changing events or just a feeling of unease. Maybe you want to find a way to be a better you – to be more efficient and productive, or to be more present and appreciative of life.

With Mindcode, you can change the negative behaviors in life by reprogramming the subconscious mind.

The autopilot

Studies have shown that 95% of our day, the subconscious mind is in charge. This is when our mind is on autopilot. And when the autopilot is on, our goals and dreams in life are usually not in focus. Instead, it is likely the opposite – our mind is working against us.

The other 5% of our day is when our conscious mind is in control. It is when we are focused, productive and creative. During this time, we are aware of our thoughts and actions, which makes our goals the main objective of the mind.

Subconscious mind

Studies have shown that reprogramming our subconscious mind while we are asleep, is a powerful way of altering our behavior.

Every night when you go to bed, just when you’re about to fall asleep, your conscious mind is disconnecting. During this phase, brain functionality and activity is similar to the one that we had as children – when our subconscious mind was initially shaped.

In this state, we can reprogram the mind by injecting it with the goals we want to achieve or the dreams that we want to fulfill. We can alter the mind so that when it is in autopilot, it’s automatically working for us in a positive way.

Crafted sessions

Each session will begin with a relaxation part. This helps you to ease into the theta phase – the phase when your mind is as most prone to adaptation and change. After the relaxation part, the reprogramming of the mind will begin. This phase consists of a few selected, positive and powerful codes (similar to affirmations or mantras) that are carefully picked for the purpose of the session.

It is a journey and a process to change your subconscious mind. A process that takes time. Continue the work of reprogramming your mind for as long as you need it. You can always replay unlocked sessions, as well as using the random session selection within each pack.