Reprogram your mind. Become a better you.

Reprogram your mind. Become a better you.

How often do you monitor the things that you say to yourself? What kinds of statements are you using to fill your mind?

If you have ever recalled saying things to yourself like, “I will never be good enough;” “I always mess things up;” or, “I can’t succeed,” you may be experiencing negative self-talk. Frequently saying these things – statements you surely wouldn’t say to your loved ones, much less anyone else – implies that you may be robbing yourself of your own emotional well-being, peace of mind, and positive energy. This energy could be used to help you progress towards your goals and dreams.

In a study conducted by San Diego University, it has shown that reprogramming the subconscious mind while we are asleep is a powerful way of altering our behavior. Every night when we go to bed, just when we’re about to fall asleep, our conscious mind is disconnecting. This is called the theta phase. During this phase, brain functionality and activity is similar to the one that we had as children – when our subconscious mind was initially shaped.

During the theta phase, we can recode our subconscious by injecting it with whatever goals we want to achieve or wishes that we want to accomplish. By that, we can alter our mind so that when it is in auto-pilot, it automatically work for us in a positive way. It’s easy, just plug-in Mindcode every night when you go to sleep and start to reprogram your mind and become a better you.