Meditation is all about habits

Meditation is all about habits

It requires practice over time to improve in any type of training. Let’s take running as an example. When you first start, you’ll most likely struggle with heavy breathing, your legs and feet will probably ache, and your mental resistance of giving up is most likely quite low.

But as you keep on running, week after week, and you turn that into a habit, you’ll see progress. You won’t have as heavy breathing as before, your body won’t feel as tender and sore, and you’ll be more mentally prepared to go the distance. And over time, you can run faster and longer.

This is similar to how any form of meditation works. With practice and by keeping it as a habit, you’ll begin to see and feel results. What might feel awkward in the beginning, will be as natural as going for a walk.

The key to all forms of practice and training is to keep pushing and to turn it into your daily routine. Reprogramming of the subconscious mind is best suited to be done when going to bed, since your mind is most adaptable for change during this phase, this form of practice is ideal to turn into a habit.

Most of us have probably tried various forms of meditation, and most likely experienced the difficulty of keeping it as a habit. A probable cause might be that something came up in our life, whether it was personal challenges or simply too much at work or in school.

Mindcode’s meditation form is designed to fit your daily routine, no matter how busy your everyday life is.

So, just like you have your routine of brushing your teeth before going to bed, as natural and simple it is to perform this form of sleep meditation.

Get the Mindcode app today, and start your habit of improving your mental health. Soon, meditation will feel as effortless as going out for a nice walk.