I ❤️ Myself

I ❤️ Myself

Self-love does not necessarily mean verbally stating that you will start loving yourself more. It means that you have to make a conscious decision that will be geared towards making a better you, and this, in turn, attracts abundance in all areas of your life.

So, if there is any area in your life that lacks abundance, why not start loving yourself and then see everything falling into place? If you have acknowledged that you need to start loving yourself and do not actually know where to start, consider the following steps.

Nurture yourself

A flower needs watering for it to grow, and this is the case with you. You need to set time apart to nurture yourself. Learn to love all your flaws and imperfections. Accepting your flaws means that when you stand in front of a mirror, you do not start criticizing yourself, but rather, falling in love with your reflection.

Eliminate self-criticism

Berating yourself over the tiniest things is a habit that you should stop. Life happened; you don’t have to always judge yourself over every little issue.

Start being positive and kind

Start thinking positively and be kind to yourself. Doing this will enable you to love yourself more. When you make it a habit to praise yourself in front of a mirror every day, you are basically undertaking actions that are empowering, which will, in turn, support your growth and development.

Acknowledge your efforts

In all you do, it is the effort that counts. You don’t need to always win or emerge tops for you to start feeling good about yourself. You need to understand that the effort you have put into something is enough, and even if you fail in producing tangible results, just acknowledge that you did your best.

Let go of worry

Many people worry about issues that they do not have power over. Constantly worrying about things does not help at all. So instead of wasting your energy doing that, why not start thinking of a solution? Life brings about situations that may make you worry, but you need to know that worrying is a negative emotion. If you have acknowledged that there are multiple ways you can handle the situation, then get on with it instead of worrying.

Trust yourself

You should have confidence in your abilities and not be second-guessing yourself. You have the power to make important changes in your life as long as you put your heart and soul into it. Start supporting yourself by visualizing desired outcomes, and they will come to pass.

Forgive yourself

Most people have made mistakes in the past that have made them feel less worthy. What differentiates people is the forgiving part. Genuinely forgive yourself for all the mistakes you did because carrying that baggage around is not helping you in any way. The emotional hurt is only in the way of you loving and appreciating yourself so learn to forgive yourself and move on!

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