Dealing with anxiety

Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety, which is characterized by feelings of worry or fear, can often feel like a crippling condition for which there is no end. It can cause both mental and physical symptoms that can affect all aspects of your life. That being said, there are ways to manage and minimize the effects of anxiety.

Acceptance and expectations

The first step is to approach your situation with acceptance. Frequently, anxiety is generated because our situation is not what we would like it to be. Focusing on that unrealistic expectation we have of ourselves can cause anxiety because our situation doesn’t match what we envisioned. These are natural and normal feelings that millions of people go through. In order to quell this anxiety, you have to accept the situation for what it is. It may be scary and cause feelings of panic or fear, but you will get through them. Look at yourself and your situation without judgment, take a deep breath and accept the moment for what it is.

Be courageous

The second step to managing anxiety is to be courageous. It takes courage to face your fears and yourself, even when you do not like what you see. It may be intense and emotional, but the only way to get over anxiety is through it. If you cannot muster up the courage the first time, that is okay as long as you keep trying.

Persistence and practice

This brings us to step three and four, persistence and practice. Overcoming anxiety takes both time and dedication. It may feel overwhelming, but with practice, the effects of anxiety will lessen over time. Do not be frustrated if you do not see results right away. Your anxiety did not manifest overnight so do not expect it to go away immediately. Some coping techniques that may help you along this process are positive self-talk, visualization/imagery, and meditation. These techniques focus on treating yourself and your situation with positivity while promoting relaxation.

By implementing the four steps of acceptance, courage, persistence, and practice, along with practicing coping techniques, the negative effects of anxiety will decrease and internal happiness and relaxation will increase. These four steps and more are included in the “Calm anxiety” session series, where we reprogram our mind to more easily cope with anxiety.

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