Become more productive

Become more productive

We all want to do more in a day and enhance our productivity. And most of the time in order to speed things up and acquire great results you have to slow down and meditate, focus on mindfulness and your own wellbeing. After all, if you take good care of yourself you will have the energy and focus needed to achieve greatness in the long run. But how can you become more productive?

Eat the frog

“Eat the frog” is a phrase coined by Mark Twain, and it’s one of the core ideas you should follow if you want to boost your productivity. The idea is that you should always make sure the toughest task of the day is performed in the morning or at the earliest time you can. Sure, the task might not motivate you at all, but as you go through the day, you will lose energy and motivation. So if you want to complete a task you don’t really like, doing this early during the day will help a lot. Simply put, “Eat the frog” means that you just need to do it. Start with the hardest things and then leave the simpler stuff towards the end of the day!

Split large tasks into smaller ones

Doing this is a lot better for you because you can easily complete humongous, large tasks. It’s the best system and approach and the results that it delivers pay off a lot. Plus, you are free to split every task the way you want without any concern, you just have to make the right choice and it will be worth it.

Focus on a single goal at a time

If you want to complete all your goals, work on a single goal at a time. It’s better and easier, not to mention it gives you great results and a wonderful experience. Just give it a sho, and you will be fine in the end. You also need to remove distractions. The best way to do that is to study what activities you have in a day and what’s not important. Once you start doing that you will find it a lot easier to achieve great results.


Removing clutter from your office and organizing everything really pays off. If you start removing all the clutter, it will be faster and easier to work on what you want. And you can re-organize stuff based on importance, how often you use it, etc.

It’s never easy to boost your productivity naturally. These tips can help you achieve great results in this situation. Another tip is to sign-up for the prerelease of the Mindcode app.

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